• FDS-01 Stand and Hard Pipe Combi Set
  • FDS-01 Stand and Hard Pipe Combi Set
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FDS-01 Stand and Hard Pipe Combi Set

  • Product description: Stand and Hard Pipe Combi Set

FDS-01 Stand and Hard Pipe Combi Set-澳门葡京

Once Scirocco Dryer installed with FDS-01, it will not be only use as a blaster, will become a versatile combination blaster and dryer, which delivers up to 1200-1800 watts of airflow and 600-800 watts of heat output. The Combi Dryer features variable speed and heat controls settings, offering a controllable output with both blasting and drying, to penetrate even the thickest of coats.

·Features a stable, height adjustable stand. Movable and flexible collaboration with easy installation.
·Release the hands to focus on grooming and modeling, helps improving the efficiency greatly.-葡京推荐6069.com
·Convenient structure with easy and fast click-on connection, help changing two different hoses soon within 10 seconds.
·Height adjustable and neck vertical rotatable in full circle with 360 turnable nozzle, for accurate positioning freely easily.
·Long lasting casters with brake, easy to control and without sticky hair.-澳门葡京赌场

FDS-01 Dryer Stand and Hard PipeFDS-01 Dryer Stand and Hard Pipe


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