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Pet Shear ThinnerPet Shear ThinnerPet Shear Thinner

Pet Shear Thinner

  • Available in different sizes
  • can be customized for left hand
  • Diamond/5 stars/4 stars/3 stars for options
  • Product description: Pet Grooming Shear Thinner

Professional Shears for pet grooming-新葡京公司


*Super Ideal Choice for Grooming Shop Production
*SHARK TEETH Curved are engineered to provide superior grooming results.
These Thinner/Finisher shears will leave a smooth looking finish.
*2 Classes, 4 Stars for fast production and 5 Stars for show finish ultra long durability.
*5 Stars made by Japanese Cobalt 440C stainless steel with a soft Stain Finish.
*4 Stars made by Japanese Cobalt 440A stainless steel.
*Comfort control offered by ultra short edge.
*Ergonomic handles with comfortable grips.
*Lefty shears available too.
*Nice looking carton box (4 Stars) or leather case, finger ring and polish leather included.

The "Diamond"is one of the highest quality lines in "SharkTeeth"

*Master groomers chose these shears over other price considerably higher.
*Made of high quality Japanese N690CO stainless steel with hand polish finish. N690CO is the steel for scissors use, making the scissors even more sharp and wear-resisting.
*The workmanship is exceptional. It holds it edge longer than most.
*The modern and ergonomic shear handle design features the"crane grip", designed to help relieve stress on both shoulders and wrists.

Pet Grooming Shear Thinner

Pet Grooming Shear Thinner 1

Pet Grooming Shear Thinner Parameters


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